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Tools and Supplies to Install Gravel for a Pathway
1 Shovel
2 Rake
3 Wheelbarrow
4 Garden Gloves
5 Tamper
6 Gravel
7 Landscape Fabric
8 Edging Material
9 Tape Measure
10 Safety Glasses

How to Install Gravel for a Pathway

DIY Guide: Installing Gravel for a Perfect Pathway

Installing a gravel pathway is a great way to add a natural and rustic feel to your garden or outdoor space. Here are the step-by-step instructions for installing a gravel pathway:

Step 1: Clear the Area
Begin by clearing the area where you want to install the pathway. Remove any plants, rocks, or debris from the area. If necessary, use a shovel to level the ground and remove any bumps or hills.

Step 2: Lay Landscape Fabric
Lay landscape fabric over the cleared area. This will help prevent weeds from growing through the gravel and keep the gravel from sinking into the ground. Cut the fabric to fit the area and secure it in place with landscape fabric staples.

Step 3: Install Edging
Install edging along the sides of the pathway to keep the gravel contained. You can use a variety of materials for edging, such as bricks, stones, or metal. Make sure the edging is level and secure.

Step 4: Add Gravel
Pour the gravel onto the landscape fabric, spreading it evenly with a rake. The depth of the gravel will depend on the size of the stones you are using. A depth of 2-3 inches is usually sufficient for most pathways.

Step 5: Compact the Gravel
Use a tamper or plate compactor to compact the gravel. This will help stabilize the stones and prevent them from shifting or moving over time. Work in small sections, starting at one end of the pathway and working your way to the other end.

Step 6: Add More Gravel
After compacting the first layer of gravel, add another layer of gravel on top. This will help fill in any gaps and create a smooth surface for walking. Again, spread the gravel evenly and compact it with a tamper or plate compactor.

Step 7: Finish the Edges
Once the gravel is in place, finish the edges by adding a layer of decorative stones or mulch. This will help give the pathway a polished look and prevent the gravel from spilling over the edges.

Step 8: Maintenance
To keep your gravel pathway looking its best, it's important to maintain it regularly. Remove any weeds or debris that may accumulate on the surface, and add more gravel as needed to maintain the proper depth. With proper maintenance, your gravel pathway will provide a beautiful and functional addition to your outdoor space for years to come.